The Fundamentals of Volleyball

먹튀The very best thing a volleyball team can have is a firm understanding of the game, and a solid grasp of the necessary techniques required to WIN! Self-assurance is a big part of it. Knowing key fundamentals of serves, bumps, sets, spikes, etc., as well as proper positioning and aggressive play are also very important. Being proficient in the game’s fundamentals is critical for optimal game performance.

First, let’s look at the serve. This is the single most important part of volleyball – you cannot score without the serve! Basically, two main kinds of serves exist. There’s the overhand serve. With this serve, the volleyball is tossed up and struck with your palm in a hard, swift, overhand motion. Next is the underhand serve. With a motion much like an underhand softball pitch, the ball is struck from beneath as you come up to it. Many other types of serve variations exist, but these are the two main kinds. Each variation has its advantages and disadvantages for getting the ball effectively into play.

Another play is the pass (or reception). A pass off is typically done by the setter. Passing the ball from one team member to another is done by bumping or setting. Once the ball is set in front of the net to a team member, they are then in a better position to strategically (and forcefully) make an offensive play to the other team. Passing is completed either by single forearm (dig), double forearm (bump), or an open-handed fingertip pass over the head (set).

Tipping is an effective offensive weapon. This is a technique in which the opposing team is made to believe the ball will be hit harder than you really intend to. Once a player on the other team is committed to backing off the net, you then tip the ball just hard enough over the net where they cannot get to it before it falls.

The dig is commonly a diving defensive move. Basically, the dig is used to keep a spiked volleyball from making contact with your side of the court. Much agility and athleticism is necessary to effectively perform a dig, as typically a hard dive to the court is needed in order to get your forearm or backhand under the ball before a fall.

Then, there’s the rebound. If a spike or other offensive play goes into the net and comes back to your side, it is then necessary to rebound the ball quickly before it falls.

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