How to Handicap Horse Races for Profit

Horse racing handicapping is both an art and a science. It requires skill and practice along with discipline and patience. Like all investing, if you wager on horse races, you’re taking a risk and even the best of handicappers have bad days and even bad years. No one can guarantee to make you a successful handicapper, but if you read the books by the great writers on the subject it may lead you to find some things that work for you.

I say that because no two people are exactly alike and any method you use to choose your bets will have to suit your personality. There’s an old saying, “Scared money never wins.” It means that if you are second guessing yourself or too worried about losing and the consequences, you won’t make the best decisions for long range profits.

Therefore, part of the process of finding a winning horse racing system or method of betting is to find what works for you. In other words, what method will allow you to wager without great fear of losing or worrying too much about the consequences? Don’t get me wrong, almost no one likes to lose and it should be uncomfortable for you, but if you’re obsessed with it, then horse racing handicapping and betting on horse races is not for you.

The best way to find the right method for you is to read those books I mentioned and to try a few horse racing systems. No system will automatically make you a profit right out of the box and anyone who promises you that probably isn’t on the level. On the other hand, a good system will get you close and then, with practice and experience, you’ll be able to refine your methods and tweak it a bit to finally arrive at your own style.

Trying to bet exactly like the great handicappers or to follow the methods in those books exactly will not result in profits for most people because, though they may have worked for the author at one time, there are now too many people using the same method and betting the same horses and driving the odds down and also, let’s face it, you’re not that person who wrote the book.

He couldn’t be you as well as you are any more than you can be him as well as he is. Here is what you must do…

Be yourself and gather knowledge about handicapping from books and systems. Take your time and do it slowly and don’t bet the farm. Not everyone who tries to make a profit from betting on horse races succeeds but the ones who do usually have to spend a lot of time working at it.

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