Url Checker

Check the server response of your URL to find out if it might be redirected or come up with a 404 not found, the links you check with this tool would be made available for download.


Anchor Text Generator

Add your text to Generate your Personalised AAnchor Text on the other side. Simply press the button, to generate the complete list of possible variation of texts . This will enable create awesome links and landing pages. You can also give your generated texts to your bloggers, authors, programmers, so that the texts could be used to create your contents and maybe as keywords for already created contents..


Rss Feed Customizer

Format any valid RSS feed to display as you wish on your website. Simply use the generated code on any website you may wish!

Structured Data Generator

Generate structured data in a way Google understands, and add it to your website without affecting how it looks. This tool uses the JSON-LD type of structured data, which Google officially endorsed as a markup format in January, of 2015.


CSV Merger Tool

Stop copying and pasting, this tool simply lets you merge multiple .csv files or .txt files into one downloadable file. Kindly Select multiple files. Upload your files, choose the filetype or output format, press the button to merge files.


Spam Filter Tool

  Spam Filter Generation Tool