Horse Betting Tip – Making Wise and Informative Decisions

Betting is not simply selecting whoever wins and then just wait for your luck. If you are serious about getting your money back, then it is wise for you to study the horses carefully and consider making decisions based on data and not on intuition. A horse betting tip will not hurt. All you need to do is to consider these things before placing your bet.

The first horse betting tip worthy of consideration is the racing history of the horse you wish to pick for the last four races. How many times did it finish n the first, second, third or fourth place and who were the jockeys during those races? Once you have these numbers, you should be able to extract a conclusion whether the current race is likely to be won by your horse or not. This will give you an idea whether to place your bet on a win, place, or show and if it is going to be a straight bet or across the board.

Another horse betting tip you need to consider is the physical attributes and the age of the horse. Definitely, you do not want to bet on a horse that is already old or is too young. Horses that have already raced several times are very likely to be fit. Horses that have not raced for prolonged periods of time are likely sickly and are not fit to race.

A last horse betting tip that you need think about is the class of the horse. There are breeds that are really there for racing. Some breeds are for show only and some breeds are for exhibition. Keep in mind that the class of the horse is a very significant contributor to its success. you should not place your bets on horses tat are not bred for racing the same way that you would not place your bets on a baseball player who moved to basketball.

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