Betting Sports Online User’s Guide – Where to Go and What to Look For

Long time sports bettors may already know by now that a reliable and secure bookmaker is one of the most important things to look after when betting sports online. However doing this may not be the easiest thing to do. After all, it’s not just a matter of simply picking out any random bookmaker who’s willing to take offers.

Making virtual bets is truly enjoyable. However, for it to be rewarding, bettors must know how to play properly and strategize accurately. It takes a lot of experience and research to do this. That’s a long and tedious process and bettors need to learn the simple basics.

To start off, it’s important for all aspiring bettors to learn important terms used in betting sports online. Learning the basic terms would be a great starting point. Beginners can start by observing pro-bettors at first. They can keep themselves updated until they have a familiar grasp on the terms. To help them with this, they can also research online for simple glossaries on the most common terms used in putting bets in cyberspace.

After getting a fair grasp on the most commonly used sports betting terms, beginners can progress towards understanding sports betting odds. This is important, as the game itself revolves around these odds. Also, a bettor who knows how to understand and analyze the odds to the game can create a better gaming strategy, practically giving that bettor an edge among the other players.

And finally, bettors can also work on learning how to develop good money management. The way a player handles his/her money in placing bets online can either make or break him/her. This is where experience comes in handy. However, for beginners, they can easily acquire this skill by looking for various reliable tips regarding placing digital bets.

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Horse Betting Tip – Making Wise and Informative Decisions

Betting is not simply selecting whoever wins and then just wait for your luck. If you are serious about getting your money back, then it is wise for you to study the horses carefully and consider making decisions based on data and not on intuition. A horse betting tip will not hurt. All you need to do is to consider these things before placing your bet.

The first horse betting tip worthy of consideration is the racing history of the horse you wish to pick for the last four races. How many times did it finish n the first, second, third or fourth place and who were the jockeys during those races? Once you have these numbers, you should be able to extract a conclusion whether the current race is likely to be won by your horse or not. This will give you an idea whether to place your bet on a win, place, or show and if it is going to be a straight bet or across the board.

Another horse betting tip you need to consider is the physical attributes and the age of the horse. Definitely, you do not want to bet on a horse that is already old or is too young. Horses that have already raced several times are very likely to be fit. Horses that have not raced for prolonged periods of time are likely sickly and are not fit to race.

A last horse betting tip that you need think about is the class of the horse. There are breeds that are really there for racing. Some breeds are for show only and some breeds are for exhibition. Keep in mind that the class of the horse is a very significant contributor to its success. you should not place your bets on horses tat are not bred for racing the same way that you would not place your bets on a baseball player who moved to basketball.

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Sports Betting Online – Before You Start Betting

You may have come across some sports betting sites online, there are thousands of them. Since the birth of the internet it made it very convenient for people who enjoy sports betting to be excited about the game. The game that is football betting, basketball betting, baseball betting, nascar betting, betting on golf tournaments, soccer virtually anything that is not decided yet you can place a bet in an online sportsbook. The latest American Idol brought big volume of bettors to the betting portals door.

When selecting a place for sports betting there are some key things we have to consider, which the new-to-the-game-person might not be aware of to only learn after dropping some big bucks on sportsbooks that cheat, limit and cut players as they feel like. That is why Sports Betting Press is constantly monitoring a wide range of online sportsbooks and keeps the consumers updated about the ones that are consistenly scoring at a satisfactory level for sports betting fans, rising above all other sportsbooks.

A good sportsbook will handle your privacy at the highest level, have multiple ways to deposit money, have a responsive customer service, offers a wide range of events to place your bet on. You might think that sportsbooks offering huge sign up bonuses be a good place to bet, but usually those are the ones that just walk away with your money. There are some exeptions of course.

NFL betting, International soccer betting, basketball betting, baseball betting and betting on boxing events are some of the most popular events sports bettors place their wagers on. A good sportsbook also offers you reduced commission, meaning at one place you have to bet $110 to win $100 at another place where the sportsbooks commission is reduced you might only have to bet $ 105 to win $100, that can make a difference if you are serious about sports betting. It’s important to select a sportsbook that is tailored to your needs for instance if you are a high roller you probably do not want to play at a sportsbook where the highest limit is $ 500 and vice-versa the recreational player would like a place where sports betting is catered to recreational players.

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The Casino Site Giving Online Choice

Over the last few years there has been an explosion in online gaming with the casino experience being brought into the home via the Internet. If you are partial to a game of poker, sports betting, bingo, or the many games available in a casino, all are available online with the added advantage of free play on some sites.

Thousands of online casino sites have appeared catering for people of any language to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Some sites have everything available in one portal allowing to you to use the free play of one site and then add credit to play any game you wish.

Many sites offer incentives to join their particular sites giving you extra value when playing their online games, such as extra bonuses and even trials to try your luck at something new. These sites are also at available at anytime, 24/7 making them an ideal alternative to people who work shifts and have unusual social hours.

Occasionally local regulations affect casinos in countries such as Russia. Russian regulators have closed down all casinos but you are still able to play online via Russian casino pages on good and reliable sites. Most sites allow you to pay in a currency of your choice giving you extra value without having to pay expensive exchange rates. Online gaming has made it easy to play with few restrictions meaning you can enjoy game play longer.

It can be a bit daunting if you’ve not played many games in a casino, or even perhaps never played anything. The online gaming sites are friendly to new users giving clear instructions and even learner tables so that you will be matched with other new people. A few games on one of these tables will soon have you up to speed and ready to play on the more experienced tables.

If you feel like a change away from the traditional casino games, other micro games are available to play for a change with some excellent winning potential. Each site is a little different, so you can soon find the site which suits you best.

Bingo has been a massive sector of gambling for many years. Traditionally bingo always used to be in local bingo halls, but with widespread TV advertising have now become big business online. Most bingo sites offer a generous bonus with your first payment to let you get used to how each site functions. As with the live version, many prizes are carried over so that you could hit the big jackpot with just one card if you’re lucky.

Online casino sites have come of age and are good at giving their users every type of entertainment they want and with good incentives to encourage you to use their sites. This is now the easiest way to access the casino experience from the comfort of your own armchair.

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Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – Understanding The Various Odds Formats To Make Money

Odds are the prices the bookmakers offer which tell you how much you can win in a bet at a given stake. In general,the higher the odds the lower the probability of winning and the team is not expected to play as well.

Different bookmakers in different countries offer their odds in different ways depending on local custom. You can see odds presented in UK (fractional), European (decimal), US (moneyline) and the formats popularly used in the Asian betting markets which include Indonesian, Malaysian and Hong Kong-style odds formats.

In live betting (also known as bet in play, in-game, in-running betting), the odds tell a story. The ability to decode the odds to identify the betting opportunities is the secret to make money, and it is crucial to understand the various odds formats to enable you to make timely decisive bets.

Below is a brief conversion chart of the different odds formats. As there is much difficulty to present the chart in a table form with neat tabulations, please do follow the sequence of the odds in accordance with the odds formats:

UK=>European=>US=>Indonesian=>Malaysian=>Hong Kong

5/1 => 6.00 => +500 => +5.00 => -0.20 => 5.00

3/2 => 2.50 => +150 => +1.50 => -0.67 => 1.50

1/1 => 2.00 ==> 100 ==> 1.00 ==> 1.00 => 1.00

8/11 => 1.73 => -137 => -1.37 => +0.73 => 0.73

1/2 => 1.50 => -200 => -2.00 => +0.50 => 0.50

Please take note of the following points:

1) For the UK and European odds, any payouts above 1/1 and 2.00 respectively are the negative odds in the Malaysian format.

2) The Indonesian odds are like US odds, just divided by 100.

3) Take note that for the US and Indonesian odds vs the Malaysian odds, the interpretation of positive (+) and negative (-) figures is the opposite of each other. For example, US +500/Indonesian +5.00 is Malaysian -0.20; US -200/Indonesia -2.00 is Malaysian +0.50, etc.

Understanding The Various Odds Format

Let’s take an example of a match between Sydney vs Adelaide at level handicap and the odds offered are as under:

Match: Sydney vs Adelaide (level handicap) and the odds in the following formats:

UK=>European=>US=>Indonesian=>Malaysian=>Hong Kong

Sydney To Win => 3/2 ==> 2.50 => +150 => +1.50 => -0.67 => 1.50

Adelaide To Win => 8/11 => 1.73 => -137 => -1.37 => +0.73 => 0.73

It is important to note the difference between your payout after a win, and your profit, which is the payout minus your staking amount.

UK Odds (Fractional)

UK odds X Your stake = your profit.

Sydney 3/2 (level handicap) Adelaide 8/11

If the stake is $100, the scenarios will be as under:

* If you take Sydney and win, your profit will be $150

* If you take Sydney and lose, you will lose $100

* If you take Adelaide and win, your profit will be $73

* If you take Adelaide and lose, you will lose $100

European Odds (Decimal)

European odds x Your stake = your payout.

Sydney 2.50 (level handicap) Adelaide 1.73

If the stake is $100, the scenarios will be as under:

* If you take Sydney and win, your payout will be $250 (profit will be $150)

* If you take Sydney and lose, you will lose $100

* If you take Adelaide and win, your payout will be $173 (profit will be $73)

* If you take Adelaide and lose, you will lose $100

US Odds (Moneyline)

US odds are expressed in positive (+) and negative (-) figures. Positive figures show the amount you would win for a $100 stake. Negative figures show how much you need to stake to win $100.

Sydney +150 (level handicap) Adelaide -137

If the stake is $100, the scenarios will be as under:

* If you take Sydney and win, your profit will be $150

* If you take Sydney and lose, you will lose $100

* If you take Adelaide and win, your profit will be $100

* If you take Adelaide and lose, you will lose $137

Malaysian Odds

The Malaysian odds are also in positive and negative figures. Positive figures show the amount you would win for a $100 stake. Negative figures show how much you would lose to win $100.

Sydney -0.67 (level handicap) Adelaide +0.73

If the stake is $100, the scenarios will be as under:

* If you take Sydney and win, your profit will be $100

* If you take Sydney and lose, you will lose $67

* If you take Adelaide and win, your profit will be $73

* If you take Adelaide and lose, you will lose $100

Indonesian Odds

Indonesian odds are like US odds, just divided by 100.

Sydney +1.50 (level handicap) Adelaide -1.37

If the stake is $100, the scenarios will be as under:

* If you take Sydney and win, your profit will be $150

* If you take Sydney and lose, you will lose $100

* If you take Adelaide and win, your profit will be $100

* If you take Adelaide and lose, you will lose $137

Hong Kong Odds

HK odds x Your stake = your profit.

Sydney 1.50 (level handicap) Adelaide 0.73

If the stake is $100, the scenarios will be as under:

* If you take Sydney and win, your profit will be $150

* If you take Sydney and lose, you will lose $100

* If you take Adelaide and win, your profit will be $73

* If you take Adelaide and lose, you will lose $100


The various types of odds formats do appear confusing at first. It is just a matter of getting used to one that you are most comfortable with to enable you to make timely money making decisive bets in your live betting business.

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The Fundamentals of Volleyball

먹튀The very best thing a volleyball team can have is a firm understanding of the game, and a solid grasp of the necessary techniques required to WIN! Self-assurance is a big part of it. Knowing key fundamentals of serves, bumps, sets, spikes, etc., as well as proper positioning and aggressive play are also very important. Being proficient in the game’s fundamentals is critical for optimal game performance.

First, let’s look at the serve. This is the single most important part of volleyball – you cannot score without the serve! Basically, two main kinds of serves exist. There’s the overhand serve. With this serve, the volleyball is tossed up and struck with your palm in a hard, swift, overhand motion. Next is the underhand serve. With a motion much like an underhand softball pitch, the ball is struck from beneath as you come up to it. Many other types of serve variations exist, but these are the two main kinds. Each variation has its advantages and disadvantages for getting the ball effectively into play.

Another play is the pass (or reception). A pass off is typically done by the setter. Passing the ball from one team member to another is done by bumping or setting. Once the ball is set in front of the net to a team member, they are then in a better position to strategically (and forcefully) make an offensive play to the other team. Passing is completed either by single forearm (dig), double forearm (bump), or an open-handed fingertip pass over the head (set).

Tipping is an effective offensive weapon. This is a technique in which the opposing team is made to believe the ball will be hit harder than you really intend to. Once a player on the other team is committed to backing off the net, you then tip the ball just hard enough over the net where they cannot get to it before it falls.

The dig is commonly a diving defensive move. Basically, the dig is used to keep a spiked volleyball from making contact with your side of the court. Much agility and athleticism is necessary to effectively perform a dig, as typically a hard dive to the court is needed in order to get your forearm or backhand under the ball before a fall.

Then, there’s the rebound. If a spike or other offensive play goes into the net and comes back to your side, it is then necessary to rebound the ball quickly before it falls.

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How to Handicap Horse Races for Profit

Horse racing handicapping is both an art and a science. It requires skill and practice along with discipline and patience. Like all investing, if you wager on horse races, you’re taking a risk and even the best of handicappers have bad days and even bad years. No one can guarantee to make you a successful handicapper, but if you read the books by the great writers on the subject it may lead you to find some things that work for you.

I say that because no two people are exactly alike and any method you use to choose your bets will have to suit your personality. There’s an old saying, “Scared money never wins.” It means that if you are second guessing yourself or too worried about losing and the consequences, you won’t make the best decisions for long range profits.

Therefore, part of the process of finding a winning horse racing system or method of betting is to find what works for you. In other words, what method will allow you to wager without great fear of losing or worrying too much about the consequences? Don’t get me wrong, almost no one likes to lose and it should be uncomfortable for you, but if you’re obsessed with it, then horse racing handicapping and betting on horse races is not for you.

The best way to find the right method for you is to read those books I mentioned and to try a few horse racing systems. No system will automatically make you a profit right out of the box and anyone who promises you that probably isn’t on the level. On the other hand, a good system will get you close and then, with practice and experience, you’ll be able to refine your methods and tweak it a bit to finally arrive at your own style.

Trying to bet exactly like the great handicappers or to follow the methods in those books exactly will not result in profits for most people because, though they may have worked for the author at one time, there are now too many people using the same method and betting the same horses and driving the odds down and also, let’s face it, you’re not that person who wrote the book.

He couldn’t be you as well as you are any more than you can be him as well as he is. Here is what you must do…

Be yourself and gather knowledge about handicapping from books and systems. Take your time and do it slowly and don’t bet the farm. Not everyone who tries to make a profit from betting on horse races succeeds but the ones who do usually have to spend a lot of time working at it.

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Online Sports Betting – Discover How to Consistently Dominate Today

With the intervention of internet you can just be home and making money and that also without putting in efforts. Yes, this is possible through sports betting. All you need to do is to get online and bet. You are guaranteed to win 50% of what you stake even if you know nothing about the game. Imagine if you would know about the sports betting secrets – how much would you be able to make?

The fun in winning the sport bet is that you would win even if you don’t know a thing about that sport. All you need is an online handicapper. These are the people who study the game not less then 8 hours a day, which makes them an expert. These handicappers would look at each facet of the game very carefully so that they would be able to make the picks. You can be using their expertise and making money for yourself. If you are not using just any other handicapper the 50% chances of winning would be pushed to 80%, what else you could ask for.

The online sport betting has open doors for people to now actually win at gambling. With 50% chances of winning each game that you play, makes this the best way as far as making money through gambling is concerned. If you know the sports betting secrets and you are playing, there is every possibility that you would win but by utilizing this online sport betting facility you could use the sport handicapper and win, despite not knowing much about the game, by just taking the right pick!

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Gambling for a Living – What It Takes to Become a Professional Gambler

먹튀사이트While most people view gambling as an exciting form of entertainment, others view it as a terrible practice that is a waste of time and money. No matter what the various opinions are, however, there are actually people who gamble for a living. Are these types of people the luckiest people on the planet? Not at all. In fact, there is much more involved in gambling than most people realize. We will take a look at some of the main aspects of professional gambling and get some insight as to how professional gamblers make their living against the odds.

There are many forms of gambling, and it goes without saying that some forms are easier to profit from than others. For example, someone who is very interested in sports might find it easier to make money from sports betting than from playing blackjack at a casino. On the other hand, someone who is good with numbers will find it easier to profit from blackjack or poker. No matter what the game is there are several essential factors that need to be mastered and perfected, and luck is not one of them.

The first and most obvious factor of professional gambling is “Knowledge of the Game.” It isn’t enough to know a little about the game. It isn’t enough to know a lot about the game. You need to have a total and complete knowledge of whatever game it is you decide to play. You need to be a perfect player. However, in most forms of gambling being a perfect player will only give you a 50/50 chance of winning at best. You’ve no doubt heard of the dreaded “house edge.” If being a perfect player gives you a 50/50 chance of winning, think of what the odds are for 99% of the people that walk into a casino. They’re just there to have a good time, and their lack of knowledge puts them way below a 50/50 shot of winning. So if being a perfect player only gives you at best a 50/50 chance of winning, there has to be more to professional gambling. Right?

Bankroll management is easily the most important aspect of professional gambling. Your “bankroll” is the chunk of money that you use to gamble with. Not only do you need the proper amount of money, you need to know how to handle this money as things get hot and sticky. You need to know what to bet when you win, and what to bet when you lose. You can not approach a game with 50 dollars and expect to walk away with 200. You need to be realistic, and set realistic goals for winning. Most professional gamblers are happy with a 10% return. This sounds drastic to someone who gambles for the fun of it, but when it becomes a business things get both serious and realistic.

Discipline is also a top priority when it comes to gambling for a living. You need to know when it’s time to walk away. You need to be able to set a limit on your losses, and not go for broke like everyone else around does. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Gambling from day to day will involve swings both in the positive and the negative, and you need to be able to handle those swings without losing your mind or getting upset. Once your emotions override reason and begin to affect the way you play a particular game, you can kiss your money goodbye.

Experimenting with different systems can be very beneficial. Do your homework and figure out what works best. Learn to look for the trends in the gambling world. They are all over the place. No one can explain why trends happen, but they do. For example, flipping a coin gives a 50% chance of heads and a 50% chance of tails. And yet flipping that coin 1000 times you will see trends of results such as 4 heads followed by 2 tails, rather than an even heads and tails alteration. Don’t commit the “Gamblers Fallacy” and assume that because there has been 5 heads in a row, tails is more likely to come next. Each flip is independent of the other, and this is a big key in the gambling world. Most professional gamblers would advise you to follow the trends, not play against them.

These are just some of the basic factors involved in gambling for a living as a professional. If you want to see if you have what it takes, practice at a free online play money casino. Practice and perfect the big factors, such as knowledge, bankroll management, and discipline. Don’t make the jump to gambling for a living until you are sure you have what it takes to do it day in and day out. As it is said, “It’s a hard way to make an easy living.”

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